Social Impact:
Homeless Day Shelter, Nikaia  (Unesco / Pireaus)

Donation scheduled: October 2018
Project part of #prosferisenokimase #givewhileyousleep

Unesco Pireas is opening a new Day Shelter in Nikaia.
The shelter can provide hospitality for 65 persons. 
In total the charity caters more than 300 people a day. 

Like to help:
Purchase Mattress - We donate 1 mattress for every 10 we sell
Purchase Pillow - We donate 1 pillow for every 10 we sell

Are you a sports team, a club or a company and you like to purchase more then 3 to help reach the goal faster
then please get in touch under

Irene works with numerous giving partners to facilitate the donation. Here are just a view:


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