Welcome to the
‘To Hamogelo tou Paidiou’ & Irene Sleep
Matching Gift campaign.

The campaign will benefit ‘The Smile of a Child’ to fill several of its ’Home for Children’ in a need for new mattresses and pillows.

Extended towards 30.01.2019

The Goal is to fundraise at least one pillow or mattress order together.
A Pillow is 40€ .
Mattresses start from 249€ (inc. shipment and tax) & can be paid in instalments as well.
Below we have outlined the options we would recommend.

As a thank you, representatives of your company and/or brand will be invited on the delivery date towards the
Home for children facility at Hamogelo you paidiou in Athens (scheduled in March or April. Press, other influencers and brands will be onsite as well).

For those who reach 1 Mattress or 3 pillows, invitation to a Thank you Dinner in Athens. (max 100 places /2 per brand.) will be provided as well.
If you double the numbers, of course more ticket’s will be available.

Sharing within your network, colleagues,
family and friends

The first step would be of course to take part and order as a company or fundraise within the company.
An additional step could be to share and ask friends, family and colleagues.
Maybe somebody is planing to buy a new mattress or a pillow and this could be an amazing opportunity.
A minimum of 1 purchase (mattress or pillow) should be the goal.

Example: If 5 people put together 10€ - That’s already 1 pillow (inkl.tax and delivery) or we had a a company
where 10 people contributed each 5€ and received a pillow.

Keep in mind - YOU will receive as well the product. You buy one, we give one. Together we do good.

Sharing on
Social Media

Once you ordered, you are welcome to share that you took part of the campaign and increase awareness within your network.
the following hashtags can be
Instagram tag: @hamogelo & @irenesleepgreece
facebook: @irenesleep.gr & hamogelo.org

Contact / Support

Our team will help you with any questions.
If you like to show us the post before, no problem

(we usually get back to you within 1 Day min and are available from 8am-10pm for feedback.
best for feedback: direct email: stavros@irenesleep.gr)


The campaign and communications handles the support towards a charity for children. Therefore please respect that the language used in your post related to us or hamogelo shall be without any to much experimental, nude, vulgar, discrimination, political or similar in written, video, sound or picture. Thank you

Get in touch

Instagram: DM us under: @irenesleepgreece
Facebook: Message us under: @irenesleep.gr
Email us under: hello@irenesleep.gr

Thank you for taking the time to get more information about the campaign.

You can read the article about the campaign on
the ‘Hamogelo tou paidiou’ page = http://hamogelo.gr

and on our dedicated matching gift campaign site:

Campaign running till the 30.01. 2019

1:1 Matching. 1 Mattress sold = 1 Mattress Donated.
1 Pillow sold = 1 Pillow Donated.